Järve recreation farm is surrounded by many places offering you unforgettable experiences. All the places described below, are situated not farther than 1.5 km from our farm. If you get interested, there is every chance for you to enjoy our surroundings.

Järve Beach .

About 600 metres away from our farm there is Mändjala-Järve beach. About 8-kilometre long shore area is famous for its sand beach and dunes. The sea deepens gradually and therefore it is suitable for children to swim.
The beautiful shore area, which is situated outside the town, is limited by the dunes, that are under nature protection. This area has not been a large tourist site so far. Foreign tourists are often amazed to see so few people at such a wonderful beach.

Järve Dunes

About 300 metres to the south of our farm there are Järve dunes, which are under nature protection. Close-to-shore sand dunes are a valuable landscape protection area. Here you can see what hills and hollows nature has formed from sand. The dunes are covered with sparse pinetree forest. The area is a popular spot for spending free time among local people.
In addition to landscape, the area is also important from the side of rare plants and communities. Despite poor soil, more than 160 species of vessel plants are found here.

Tehumardi Battlefield and Monument

Only a kilometre farther you can find the battlefield of one of the most famous battles in Estonia during World War II Tehumardi night battlefield and the monument, which was put up there.
The battle took lace on October, 8 in 1944, when retreating German troops were leaving Estonia and Saaremaa . The retreating troops of the German infantry regiment and the Soviet military unit, coming from the north of Saaremaa , met at the crossroads of Tehumardi and Kogula at the sunset.

Almost 5-hour long battle, which resulted in heavy casualties, was almost a hand-to-hand fight in the darkness of the night. Usually, there are no winners in the battles of such kind. The total number of the dead from the both sides is estimated as 750 men.
If you are interested, you can get acquainted with the history of Tehumardi battle and Sõrve battle, which followed it. A made-of-dolomite monument to the fallen is now situated on the spot.

Secluded Järve Lake

About 500 metres away from our farm there is a tiny forest lake. This lake has given the name to the whole village Järve (lake) village. Due to its outlying location, the lake remained unknown even for many local people.
3.4-ha large Järve Lake , which once appeared between dunes behind the sea, had a completely normal lake life about 20 years ago: people went there fishing, the lake was also famous for its water lilies. Unfortunately, the lake has reached a certain stage in its development, when it became almost a secluded one. It has not been possible to use it as fishing or swimming place for a long time. Now there are only water lilies and wonderful nature views. Without human interference, the preserved lake has turned into a rarity among European cultured landscapes.

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