Be Active on Your Vacation

In the yard of our farm there are various swings for people of different heights, a sandbox and a volleyball playground.

You can rent board games, darts, and bicycles.

We also offer a real rifle range with an air gun, where you can shoot aims or organize competitions.

You are also welcome to try aiming a real bow.

And if you wish to turn your evening into a barbecue party, we have enough grillbases to offer.

If you come with a larger company, we can offer you various opportunities for having a good time:

Nature path and animal observation.

Through the farm’s land there goes a nature path which you can go along in the company of the host. On the path you can see feeding places for wild animals, saline. You can also get to know new interesting things about nature.

Nature paths are suitable both for smaller companies and groups of pupils. We have two types of paths to offer you:

• Get to know nature

• How clever are you?

The paths’ length is 1,5 – 3 km

Depending on visitors’ wishes we can offer guide services and organize a walk to Tehumardi battle field and military division as well as several hour-long trips to various historical and naturally beautiful places in S õrve .

Wild animals and birds observation can be organized only from a specially built platform or with the help of the professional guide. Thus you can observe animals in various places in West Saaremaa either in nature or in the places where animals are fed. The most favourable season for observing deer, elks, roes and wild boars is April and May.

You can also order transportation.


With advance booking we organize wild boar, roe, goat, deer and bird hunt. Hunt is organized only for clients who have hunting license according to the law of the Estonian republic. We ask you to book your hunt in advance as well as to agree your wishes with our possibilities.

Sea Trips to Abruka

With advance booking we arrange trips to Abruka or simply entertaining sea trips by a small boat.

The trip begins at Nasva harbour and the way by the boat holding up to 12 people takes about 1 hour. The trip by the boat which seats up to 25 people takes 20 minutes. While you are spending time in Abruka, the boat is waiting for you and then takes you back. The whole trip is planned for about 4 hours.

On Abruka you can book guide services, transportation (bus or van).

It is possible for you to take bicycles with you and also to order a picnic basket.

Paintball Games.

With advance booking we offer you excellent opportunities for organizing paintball battles. We have equipment for up to 22 soldiers. We have suitable sites both in Järve dunes and in the forest.

For Bicyclists

We offer you a bicycle hire. Four modern bicycles are constantly available (2 men and 2 women bicycles). With advance booking we can offer you more bicycles.
We also offer you transportation to different places in Saaremaa . In the morning we take you with bicycles to the place you have chosen and then during the daytime you come back to our farm. Thus you avoid going the same route twice and the territory to explore will become twice as large. Together with you we will give you a map and a short description of sights.
Transportation of tourists and bicycles 0.80EUR/km. We count the way only in one direction.

Some routes we offer.

· Sõrve peninsula- Stebel’s battery -Ohessaare cliff -Jämaja church and cemetery –Kaugatoma- Salme -Järve recreation farm
Approximate length of the route is 40 km.

· Kihelkonna church -Loona manor- Viidumäe natural park- Hirmuste -Järve recreation farm
Approximate length of the route is 40 km.

· Angla wind mills -Karja church -Valjala church -Kaali meteorite craters- Kaarma settlement -Nasva -Järve recreation farm
Approximate length of the route is 55 km.

The routes can be arranged according to your wishes concerning the length of the route and the sights.

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Salme vald, 93271, Saare mk, ESTONIA
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