Järve recreation farm is situated in the middle of a pine forest only 16 kilometres away from Kuressaare, in Järve village right next to Mändjala-Järve beach.
The clean air of the pine forest, sound of the sea, seawater and sandy beach, as well as the farm food all these things help a city person to restore energy in our speedy time. We are situated only 500 metres away from Järve beach, which is very popular in summer. At the same time, right from our yard there start wonderful forest paths, which offer pleasant experiences for people who like mushroom and berry- picking or simply being in nature.


Järve guesthouse is a wooden house built in 1999. The house is trimmed with natural wood and decorated with hunting trophies and natural trimming.
There are five rooms to offer in the house. The house also has a sauna,fireplace room, common-room and dining room for 24 people which has a TV and video. Meals (including dishes from wild animals’ meat for dinner) are served if ordered in advance.


There is a romantic fireplace in front of the house, with all the things necessary for grilling. It will give you an unforgettable experience in the warm summer evenings.

Holiday home

In July 2007 in customers use is 2 new handmaded log houses.


The houses are very comfortable and suitable for a family vacation.
The log-houses are situated in the middle of pine forest;
they are 250 metres away from the recreation farm. Fine sandy beach is only 300 metres away.

In the yard there is a newly built archaic granary. This building which has two separate rooms has gained popularity with tourists, especially in summer. One room has three places and the other four places. In the house is toilet and shower. In second room is a kitchen corner,a folding-divan ,TV.




Two cabins, each for up to 4 people, are situated about a hundred metres away from the house. There is enough distance between them to guarantee tourists’ privacy. There are cold water tap and grillbase for every cabin. Each house also has electricity. DC is near the cabins. You can park your car right next to your cabin. Look more camping


Hunter`s grillhouse is sightseeing by itself. It is decorated with animals’ skins and hunting-trophies. In the middle of the hose there is an open fireplace you can use for grilling.
The house seats 20 people and 5 people can find enough room to comfortably spend a night there. The house is winterized, that allows to use it all-the-year round. Cold water and WC are near the house.

The peculiarity of our farm is home-bred wild boars. They are completely tame in their pen. Visitors of our farm can touch, feed them or take pictures of them.

We also have two caravan places, where you can leave your caravan safely for the whole day. There are also a grillbase, water tap and electricity at your disposal. The trashcan and WC are near. There is no possibility for toilet emptying!

All visitors are welcome to use the outdoor fireplace, stove for grilling fish, volleyball playground, various seats, and swings for children, board games and darts. We have enough grillbases to offer all the visitors who wish to make fire and grill meat or fish. You can also rent an air-gun, a bow and bicycles.

Järve turismitalu, Järve küla,
Salme vald, 93271, Saare mk, ESTONIA
GSM +372 50 16 853
e-mail: info@jarvetalu.ee